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Mental Health Services Act
The State Could Better Ensure the Effective Use of Mental Health Services Act Funding

Report Number: 2017-117

Figure 1

The title of Figure 1 is Allocation of MHSA Funds to the Local Mental Health Agencies
Fiscal Year 2015–16.

Of the $1,419,000,000 in MHSA funds allocated to the 59 local mental health agencies in fiscal year 2015–16, $270,000,000 (19%) went to Prevention, $1,078,000,000 (76%) went to Community Support, and $71,000,000 (5%) went to Innovation. Local mental health agencies may transfer up to 20 percent of the previous five years' average allocated Community Support funds to Workforce Training, Capital Facilities, and Prudent reserve. State law requires local mental health agencies to spend MHSA funds within the following designated time frames or return (revert) those unspent funds to the MHSA Fund for reallocation: three years for Community Support, Prevention, and Innovation; and 10 years for Workforce Training and Capital Facilities. Prudent reserve funds are not subject to reversion requirements.

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Figure 2

The title of Figure 2 is Percentage Change in Local Mental Health Agencies’ Total Community Support Allocations
Fiscal Years 2007–08 Through 2016–17.

Annual MHSA community support allocations and the percentage change by fiscal year were as follows: $1,134,984,000 in 2007–08; $822,548,000 in 2008–09, down 28%; $1,421,019,880 in 2009–10 up 73%; $945,125,360 in 2010–11, down 33%; $1,377,405,000 in 2011–12, up 46%; $1,208,156,800 in 2012–13, down 12%; $939,186,720 in 2013–14, down 22%; $1,314,838,000 in 2014–15, up 40%; $1,078,271,280 in 2015–16, down 18%; and $1,388,549,254 in 2016–17, up 29%.

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