Uncover the Facts and Drive Accountability.

file folder tabs labeled Investigations and Fraud

If state agencies or employees are acting improperly, our team investigates them and develops reports so that they can be held accountable. Under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, we determine whether allegations of improper governmental activities are true and follow-up to make sure our recommendations for corrective action are implemented.

Join our team and be part of eliminating wrongdoing.

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What We've Found

Caltrans inappropriately paid  over $41,000  for a manager to commute from San Diego to Sacramento.
An assistant chief from CalFire built  a tiki bar  on state property.
Inside of decorated tiki bar
A campus police officer
 frequently fell asleep 
on the job.
A director engaged in nepotism and favoritism, was dishonest, and attempted to retaliate against whistleblowers.
Fish and Wildlife  wasted more than a half million dollars  on a research boat that it rarely uses.research boat

Each Investigation is a Chance to Reveal Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.

Shannan Truong seated at her desk, next to her 'I heart Investigations' coffee mug

Shannan Truong

J.D. Law, McGeorge Law
B.S. Business Mgmt, University of Phoenix

Shannan joined our team with years of investigative experience from three other state agencies, but she believes our investigations team is exciting and different. Unlike her previous agencies, Shannan's team investigates allegations from the public. Because these investigations stem from Californians, they are highly varied and interesting. For example, the investigations team examines claims that state employees violated the law or that program managers are making wasteful decisions.

"I have a close-knit team that is dedicated to our mission. Every day I get to do interesting work and interact with professionals who are finding and stopping misconduct to improve government."

Shannan Truong
Deputy of Investigations

What You Would Do as an Investigator...

file folder with magnifying glassDetermine Whether Allegations Are True
computer window with magnifying glass and icon symbolAssess Whistleblower Complaints
3 people meeting with one personInterview Suspects and Witnesses
funnel with arrow pointing down into itCollect and Analyze Evidence
two documents with a pencilWrite Reports for the Legislature and Public