Reports Related to High-Risk Program: Local


The State Auditor Is Removing Its Designation of the City of Maywood as High Risk December 15, 2022 Anticipated Deficits, High Pension Debt, and Mismanagement of Its Housing Authority Cause the City of Richmond to Be High Risk November 10, 2022 The State Auditor Is Removing Its Designation of the City of Hemet As High Risk October 27, 2022 Past Overspending and Ongoing Administrative Deficiencies Limit Calexicoís Ability to Serve the Public October 20, 2022 Financial Mismanagement and a Lack of Leadership Have Threatened Comptonís Ability to Serve the Public October 13, 2022 The City of Montebello Remains at High Risk Because of Recent Declines in Its Financial Condition October 14, 2021 The City of Lynwood Continues to Risk Financial Instability and Violations of State Law September 23, 2021 The City of Lindsay Must Take Substantial Action to Address Its Financial Problems August 26, 2021 The City of San Gabriel's Ongoing Deficit Is Inhibiting Financial Recovery April 27, 2021 The City of Blythe's Inadequate Planning and Management Hinder its Ability to Provide Needed Services March 23, 2021 The City of El Cerrito's Excessive Spending Jeopardizes Its Ongoing Fiscal Viability March 16, 2021 City of West Covina's Deteriorating Financial Situation December 01, 2020 City of Maywood: Local High Risk Update December 20, 2019 City of Hemet: Local High Risk Update October 16, 2019 City of Montebello's Deficits and Poor Processes Threaten Its Ability to Deliver Services December 11, 2018 Poor Management Led to Instability, Noncompliance for City of Lynwood December 04, 2018 City of Maywood's Flawed Governance and Financial Mismanagement Could Compromise Services October 03, 2016 City of Hemet's Ongoing Budget Deficit and Organizational Inefficiency August 04, 2016