Reports Related to Government Operations

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Weaknesses in Strategic Planning, Information Security, and Project Oversight Limit the State's Management of Information Technology April 20, 2023 The Department of Health Care Services Is Not Adequately Monitoring Provider Payments Funded by Tobacco Taxes November 29, 2022 The State Could Better Manage The Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund and Its Problem Gambling Programs August 25, 2022 The Unreliability of the Child Abuse Central Index Database Puts Children At Risk and May Violate Individuals' Rights May 31, 2022 The Metropolitan Water District's Leadership Has Failed to Promote Transparency or Ensure a Fair and Equitable Workplace April 21, 2022 The Department of Technology's Inadequate Oversight Limits the State's Ability to Ensure Information Security January 18, 2022 Fi$Cal Will Miss Its Completion Target Again While Agencies Still Struggle to Use the New Technology January 04, 2022 State Bar Is Not Effectively Managing Its System for Investigating and Disciplining Attorneys April 29, 2021 Some Courts Need to Improve Their Payment Practices January 14, 2021 The FI$Cal Project Struggles to Deliver December 17, 2019 State Agencies' Weak Administration Reduced Tobacco Tax Revenue by Millions of Dollars January 05, 2021 Budgetary Uncertainty for the Medicaid Management Information System December 17, 2020 Department of Food and Agriculture Mismanaged a Special License Program to Fund Animal Sterilization Services March 26, 2020 Judicial Council's Contracting and Procurement Practices December 19, 2019 The FI$Cal Project Struggles to Deliver December 17, 2019 Some State Agencies Are Overpaying for Workers' Compensation Insurance November 21, 2019 Department of Industrial Relations' Poor Administration May Delay Benefits to Injured Workers November 19, 2019 Services Provided by Fallen Leaf Lake Community Service District Are in Jeopardy July 18, 2019 Weaknesses in the State's Information Security July 16, 2019 The State's Approach to Licensing Gambling Is Inefficient and Inconsistent May 16, 2019 State Bar Should Avoid Unnecessary Fee Increases April 30, 2019 EDD Is Putting Californians at Risk of Identity Theft March 28, 2019 Mismanagement Threatens the City of Lincoln's Stability March 21, 2019 The State Is Not Maximizing Opportunities for Veterans to Succeed February 14, 2019 The State's Management of Veterans Home Properties Has Not Served Veterans' Best Interests January 29, 2019 Some Superior Courts Could Improve Their Procurement Practices January 15, 2019 FI$Cal Problems Pose Financial Reporting Risks January 08, 2019 Tulare Local Healthcare District's Poor Decisions Contributed to Hospital Closure October 09, 2018 Department of Housing and Community Development's Oversight of Bond Funds Remains Inconsistent September 20, 2018 Lessons From the Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Could Help the State Save Millions Annually August 28, 2018 Survey Finds Dissatisfaction with FI$Cal August 16, 2018 Department of Rehabilitation's Inconsistent Administration of Grants to Support Independent Living Appeared Biased July 12, 2018 Status of the Medicaid Management Information System June 26, 2018 Traffic Penalties Provide Inconsistent Program Funding at High Cost to Drivers April 26, 2018 Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County Disadvantaged Some Families and Misused State Funds April 05, 2018 South Orange County Wastewater Authority Should Improve Its Financial Management Practices March 22, 2018 State and Regional Water Boards Must Control Local Jurisdictions' Costs for Reducing Pollution March 01, 2018 2018 Report on Recommendations Not Yet Implemented January 11, 2018 FI$Cal Project's Challenges Continue January 09, 2018 Judicial Council Needs to Follow Competitive Bidding Processes More Consistently December 19, 2017 The State Needs to Strengthen Its Efforts to Reduce Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud December 12, 2017 Errors May Have Reduced Voters' Confidence in the Santa Clara County Registrar's Office October 24, 2017 Unexpected Complexity Has Added Significant Cost and Time to the State's WaterFix Project October 05, 2017 Anticipated Savings Are Unlikely to Materialize as UC Struggles to Implement Its New Payroll System August 24, 2017 UC Did Not Ensure Compliance With Employment and Contracting Policies When It Outsourced Certain Services August 22, 2017 State Bar Needs to Revise Its Expense Policies June 27, 2017 State Oversight of Contracting Data Is Insufficient to Ensure Agencies Meet Competitive Requirements June 20, 2017 Stronger State Leadership Could Promote Proper Disposal of Household Pharmaceutical Waste May 09, 2017 Insolvency Threatens the State's Fund to Provide Financial Assistance to Small Businesses April 27, 2017 DMV Needs Better Tools to Deter Misuse of Disabled Person Parking Placards April 18, 2017 A Review of the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund March 07, 2017 FI$Cal Continues to Face Challenges January 05, 2017 Board of Registered Nursing Has Allowed Some Nurses to Practice Despite Potential Safety Risks December 13, 2016 City of Irwindale Must Control Spending to Continue Providing Core Services to Residents November 29, 2016 Superior Courts Need to Improve Some Procurement Practices November 16, 2016 The State Needs to Better Oversee Apprenticeship Programs November 15, 2016 Los Angeles County Failed to Collect Millions of Dollars in Rent From the County Fair Association November 10, 2016 Public Utilities Commission Should Increase Transparency and Improve Contracting Practices September 22, 2016 City of Irvine Needlessly Compromised the Credibility of a Park Project Review August 09, 2016 A $28 Million Information System Fails to Meet the Needs of the State's Veterans Homes June 16, 2016 State Bar's Lack of Transparency Has Undermined Communication With Decision Makers, Stakeholders May 12, 2016 Regular Evaluation Would Improve Effectiveness of the State's Corporate Income Tax Expenditures April 12, 2016 Certain Cities Need to Improve Their Residential Building Records Programs March 24, 2016 Department of General Services Needs to Improve Project Data for Real Estate Services March 15, 2016 Tobacco Tax Enforcement Efforts Are Effective and Properly Funded March 01, 2016 FI$Cal Project Deviates From Approved Plan January 07, 2016