Reports Related to Environment & Infrastructure

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Increased Board Oversight Is Needed to Improve the Orange County Power Authority’s Operations February 28, 2023 The State Water Resources Control Board Lacks the Urgency to Ensure That Failing Water Systems Receive Needed Assistance July 26, 2022 California's Oversight of the Efforts by Investor-Owned Utilities to Mitigate the Risk of Wildfires Needs Improvement March 24, 2022 California Air Resources Board Could Work More Strategically to Meet Climate Change Goals February 23, 2021 Risk of Lead Poisoning Persists as State's Efforts to Clean Up Contaminated Sites Fall Short October 27, 2020 San Diego County Air Pollution Control District's Use of Funds Is Misaligned With Its Mission July 16, 2020 California Is Not Prepared to Protect Vulnerable Residents From Natural Disasters December 05, 2019 Department of Fish and Wildlife Is Not Fulfilling Its Responsibilities to Prevent Environmental Damage June 27, 2019 CSU Failed to Fully Disclose Its $1.5 Billion Surplus June 20, 2019 San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission Has Allowed Ongoing Harm to the Bay May 14, 2019 Public Utilities Commission Could Make Water Rate Increases More Transparent December 18, 2018 California High-Speed Rail Authority's Poor Decisions Contributed to High Costs, Slow Progress November 15, 2018 Lax Oversight Makes the Success of the State's Mattress Recycling Program Questionable August 30, 2018 Lessons From the Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Could Help the State Save Millions Annually August 28, 2018 South Orange County Wastewater Authority Should Improve Its Financial Management Practices March 22, 2018 State and Regional Water Boards Must Control Local Jurisdictions' Costs for Reducing Pollution March 01, 2018 The State Could Distribute Certain Local Transportation Funds More Equitably November 30, 2017 Unexpected Complexity Has Added Significant Cost and Time to the State's WaterFix Project October 05, 2017 Stronger State Leadership Could Promote Proper Disposal of Household Pharmaceutical Waste May 09, 2017 San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Is Covering Costs but Can Improve Consistency, Transparency April 05, 2016 Department of Transportation's Maintenance Spending Is Out of Line With Key Indicators of Need March 17, 2016