Reports Related to Education: K-12


The Charter School Facility Grant Program and Conduit Financing Programs Are Generally Achieving Their Purpose of Increasing Charter Schools’ Access to Facility Funding February 14, 2023 Bellflower Unified School District Has Not Used Its Significant Financial Resources to Fully Address Student Needs June 23, 2022 Administrative Shortcomings Limit the K-12 Strong Workforce Program's Effectiveness February 10, 2022 California Needs Additional Funding and a More Equitable Approach for Modernizing Its School Facilities January 27, 2022 The Department of Education Needs to Provide Better Oversight to Ensure Local Educational Agencies Spend Federal COVID-19 Funds October 19, 2021 Local Educational Agencies Struggle to Prevent Youth Suicide September 29, 2020 State Lottery Has Not Maximized Funding for Education February 25, 2020 Sacramento City Unified School District May Soon Face Insolvency December 10, 2019 California's K-12 Education System Struggles to Support Youth Experiencing Homelessness November 07, 2019 Local Control of K-12 Education Funding Is Not Closing Achievement Gaps November 05, 2019 Alum Rock Union Elementary School District's Poor Practices Compromise the Quality of Services May 23, 2019 Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County Disadvantaged Some Families and Misused State Funds April 05, 2018 Montebello Unified School District's Weak Financial Management and Governance Require County Intervention November 02, 2017 Some School Districts Improperly Authorized and Inadequately Monitored Charter Schools October 17, 2017 More Action Is Needed for School Safety Plans to Help Protect Students and Staff During Emergencies August 31, 2017 Department of Education Has Not Ensured That Schools Meet Requirements to Buy American July 27, 2017 Improvements Are Needed to Ensure the State's K-12 High-Speed Network Is Reliable and Affordable May 25, 2017 Alliance College-Ready Public Schools Did Not Misuse Resources in Response to Unionization Efforts April 13, 2017 California Can Better Prepare Its High School Students for College February 28, 2017 Department of Education Has Not Ensured a Uniform Process for Addressing Complaints January 31, 2017 Vague Standards Allow School Districts to Provide Minimal Library Services November 17, 2016 Los Angeles Unified School District Can Reduce the Costs of Removing Teachers Accused of Misconduct October 27, 2016 The State Needs to Analyze Outcomes of Student Mental Health Services January 19, 2016