The Process Independence. Integrity. Facts.

Our Work Leads to Positive Change.

Each project we undertake is an opportunity to enhance government for Californians. Our recommendations aim to improve government services, increase efficiency, and ensure ongoing accountability and transparency. When the Legislature or agencies implement our recommendations, tangible change happens.

We found that millions of children in Medi-Cal had not received required lead poisoning tests.

The Legislature immediately acted upon our recommendations and required state agencies to ensure that children receive lead tests.

The Legislature Approves Performance/Policy Evaluations.

We can provide value-added analyses whenever there are concerns about issues involving California state agencies or local governments. Any member of the Legislature can request that the bipartisan Joint Legislative Audit Committee approve a performance/policy evaluation—also called a performance audit. If approved at a public hearing, we start the evaluation as soon as possible. We conduct our work independent of the Legislature and political influence.

Members of the public should contact their State Senators or Assemblymembers if they would like our office to perform an independent evaluation of a policy issue.

We Analyze the Facts and Then Publish the Results.

We delve into complex policy problems and perform comprehensive analyses of issues that are important to Californians. Our office has unparalleled access, allowing our teams to uncover the truth. Our teams deliver accurate, objective assessments based on data and evidence. Our reports provide a roadmap for improving policy outcomes and saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

We collect, analyze, and visualize a wide range of data to arrive at our findings and recommendations.

The Legislature Acts on Our Recommendations.
We Follow Up to Promote Accountability.

After our reports are released, the Legislature often holds hearings and passes legislation to address the concerns we identified. We also follow up regularly with the agencies we've audited to determine whether they are implementing our recommendations, and we publish the results of our evaluations on our website.
The Legislature recently passed legislation to address recommendations we made to improve mental health services, emergency response, privacy protections, and accountability at veterans homes.