Recurring Findings

Veterans Affairs: Recurring Less severe Noncompliance
Federal Program Issue First Year Reported
Department's Assertion Page Number
Grants to States for Construction of State Home Facilities The Department of General Services, under the supervision of Veterans Affairs, did not always collect the weekly payrolls and certifications from the contractors as required. 2008-09
Veterans Affairs intends to follow the newly established policies and procedures to ensure that General Services is in compliance with all applicable David-Bacon requirements as well as verify that certified payrolls are submitted to General Services by its contractors. 113
Veterans Housing - Guaranteed and Insured Loans Veterans Affairs did not always report certain required events to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs within the applicable reporting deadlines. 2008-09
Veterans Affairs agrees that some nonessential but required data was not reported according to the time frames required in the VA servicer manual. Veterans Affairs stated that given the unprecedented levels of housing delinquency, management decided to prioritize staff workload to sell repossessed property and limited staffing resources to collections. 117