Recurring Findings

Social Services: Recurring Less severe Noncompliance
Federal Program Issue First Year Reported
Department's Assertion Page Number
Adoption Assistance Social Services needs to improve its controls over eligibility determinations. Specifically, adoption case files we reviewed at district offices did not contain completed documents that demonstrate compliance with federal regulations. 2007-08
Social Services indicated that it is continuing its efforts to implement a quality control process including complete adoption forms in district office case files. It also stated that Social Services has implemented a revised checklist and conducted district office training to ensure thorough management review of adoption case files. Finally, according to Social Services, it will ensure that the Adoption Assistance program follows established internal control procedures and complies with federal laws and regulations. 46
Unemployment Insurance EDD‘s financial management systems do not allow EDD to separately identify and report on Recovery Act funds expended for certain benefits paid under the Unemployment Insurance program. 2008-09
EDD continues working on information system changes to enable separate identification of Recovery Act funds. 99