Recurring Findings

Industrial Relations: Recurring Less severe Noncompliance
Federal Program Issue First Year Reported
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Occupational Safety and Health-State Program Industrial Relations obligated program funds outside the period of availability for one of its purchase orders that was paid under its 2007 federal award. Industrial Relations made this obligation on October 10, 2007. Since the obligation took place after September 30, 2007, a valid obligation did not exist during the funding period for this award. Further, Industrial Relations liquidated one of its obligations under the 2007 federal award in April 2008, which is after the December 3, 2007 deadline. Thus, it appears that Industrial Relations is not in compliance with the federal regulations regarding period of availability. 2006-07
Fully corrected. Industrial Relationsí California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) unit routes all invoices to Accounting/Federal Grants Unit for proper work phase and program cost account coding to ensure no invoice is paid with federal fund after closeout. 198
Occupational Safety and Health-State Program Industrial Relations submitted an inaccurate closeout report for the 2007 federal award associated with the California Occupational Safety and Health Program (Cal/OSHA) and did not provide accounting records to demonstrate that unliquidated obligations were paid with state funds. 2006-07
Partially corrected. For the 2008 federal award associated with Cal/OSHA that closed on December 31, 2008, Industrial Relations will provide accounting records which will show that unliquidated obligations on December 31, 2008 were paid with state funds after December†31,†2008. 201