2018-041 - Status of Recommendations - Table 1

Table 1
Recommendations Made to State Entities That Are More Than Five Years Old and Are Still Not Fully Implemented
(Reports Issued From November 2011 Through October 2012)
Report Title, Number, and Issue Date Recommendation # Years Comp Date
Physical Therapy Board of California
Physical Therapy Board of California: Although It Can Make Improvements, It Generally Processes Complaints and Monitors Conflict-of-Interest Requirements Appropriately 2011-119 (Issue Date: 06/26/2012)

1. The physical therapy board should explore the feasibility of establishing a state position to perform the duties of its current in-house consultant at a reduced cost.

6 Will Not Implement
Board of State and Community Corrections
Juvenile Justice Realignment: Limited Information Prevents a Meaningful Assessment of Realignment's Effectiveness 2011-129 (Issue Date: 09/11/2012)

5. To maximize the usefulness of the information it makes available to stakeholders and to increase accountability, the board should consider verifying the counties' data by conducting regular site visits on a rotating basis or by employing other procedures to verify data that counties submit.

6 Will Not Implement

12. To ensure that counties do not maintain excessive balances of unexpended block grant funds, the board should develop procedures to monitor counties' unspent funds and follow up with them if the balances become unreasonable.

6 Will Not Implement
Department of General Services
Department of General Services: The Division of the State Architect Lacks Enforcement Authority and Has Weak Oversight Procedures, Increasing the Risk That School Construction Projects May Be Unsafe 2011-116.1 (Issue Date: 12/08/2011)

1. To ensure public safety and provide public assurance that school districts construct projects in accordance with approved plans, the department, in conjunction with the division, should pursue legislative changes to the Field Act that would prohibit occupancy in cases in which the division has identified significant safety concerns.

6 Will Not Implement
Department of Health Care Services
Intellectual Property: An Effective Policy Would Educate State Agencies and Take Into Account How Their Functions and Property Differ 2011-106 (Issue Date: 11/29/2011)

4. Caltrans, the Energy Commission, Food and Agriculture, and Health Care Services should put in writing those policies and procedures related to intellectual property that they believe are necessary and appropriate to enable their staff to identify, manage, and protect their intellectual property.

6 January 2019
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
California's Mutual Aid System: The California Emergency Management Agency Should Administer the Reimbursement Process More Effectively 2011-103 (Issue Date: 01/31/2012)

1. To make certain that emergency response agencies receive reimbursements on time, Cal EMA should establish procedures to ensure that paying entities do not delay reimbursements.

6 December 2019
California High-Speed Rail Authority
High-Speed Rail Authority Follow-Up: Although the Authority Addressed Some of Our Prior Concerns, Its Funding Situation Has Become Increasingly Risky and the Authority's Weak Oversight Persists 2011-504 (Issue Date: 01/24/2012)

3. To avert possible legal challenges, the Authority should ensure that the independent peer review panel adheres to the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act or seek a formal opinion from the Office of the Attorney General (attorney general) regarding whether the panel is subject to this act.

6 Will Not Implement

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