Auditor General Reports Issued in 1991

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 30 Some School Construction Funds Are Improperly Used and Not Maximized
January 30 State of California Financial Report Year Ended June 30, 1990
January 31 A Review of the Factors that Contributed to the Closure of the First Independent Trust Company
January 31 The Department of Health Services' Information on Drug Treatment Authorization Requests
February 6 A Review of Los Angeles County's Implementation of the Greater Avenues for Independence Program
February 21 The Department of Conservation Needs to Make Some Improvements in the Beverage Container Recycling Program
February 27 The Department of General Services Needs to Improve Its Management of the Design and Construction of State Buildings
February 28 State of California: Statement of Securities Accountability of the State Treasurer's Office June 30, 1990
March 13 A Review of Some Administrative Functions of the California State University
March 20 A Review of the California State Summer School for the Arts
March 21 A Review of the California Horse Racing Board's Contracting for Equine Drug Testing and Its Personnel Practices
March 28 A Review of the State's Controls Over Its Financial Operations
April 3 A Review of the Department of Corrections' Implementation of Its Substance Abuse Treatment and Education Services
April 4 Federal and State Equity in EDD Owned Buildings
April 11 The California Exposition and State Fair's Financial Status for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1990
April 17 The Martin Luther King Jr. Family Health Center Needs to Improve Its Financial Operations
April 18 A Review of the Processing of Complaints Made to the Medical Board of California
April 19 Public Reports of Investigation Completed by the Office of the Auditor General from August 1, 1989 through December 31, 1990
May 3 Cost Effectiveness of the Medi-Cal Therapeutic Drug Utilization Review Program
May 8 A Review of the Seven Development Centers Operated by the Department of Developmental Services
May 15 Portable Classrooms in California School Districts: Their Safety, Uses, Cost, and the Time It Takes to Acquire Them
May 16 Some Animal Control Agencies Need to Improve Their Management for Funds Available for Dog and Cat Population Control
May 17 The Potential Benefits of Further Centralizing the Functions of State Entities that Regulate Professions Appear Limited
May 23 Status of the Franchise Tax Board/Board of Equalization Tax Settlements
June 5 A Review of the Management Practices and Financial Operations of the Riverside Community College District
June 19 A Review of the Department of Health Services' Estimates of Savings Resulting from the Medi-Cal Drug Discount Program
June 20 A Study of Health Care Cost Escalation in California
July 3 A Review Concerning Allegations of Conflict of Interest by a Board Member of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District
July 17 A Review of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs' Drug Medi-Cal Claims Process
July 24 The Department of Health Services' Information on Drug Treatment Authorization Requests
July 25 The Office of State Printing Needs to Strengthen Controls Over Its Electronic Data Processing Resources
July 29 Letter Report on Review of California Veterans Home at Yountville's Master Plan
July 31 The California Housing Finance Agency Has Generally Complied with Statutory Requirements in Financing Single-Family Homes and Multifamily Rental Projects
August 1 The Lake Elsinore Management Project
August 7 A Review of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement's Handling of the Crowe V. Simpson Attorney Fees Dispute
August 14 California's Efforts to Meet Participation Goals for Minorities' and Women's Businesses in State Contracts
August 15 A Review of the Board of Equalization's Travel Claims
August 21 An Analysis of Sanctions in the General Relief/General Assistance Programs of Six Counties
August 28 A Review of the Inglewood Unified School District's Management Practices and Student Academic Records
August 29 Some Institutions within the California Department of Corrections Need to Improve Their Disability Payroll Procedures
August 30 How Medi-Cal and Other Health Care Providers Manage Their Pharmaceutical Expenditures
September 3 Letter Report on Analysis of the Process Followed by the Governor's Office in Appointing an Enrolled Actuary for the Public Employees' Retirement System
September 5 The State Athletic Commission Needs to Improve Its Controls Over the Professional Boxers' Pension Plan
October 3 The Department of General Services' Administrative Oversight of State Agencies that Award Contracts
October 18 A Review of the Department of Corrections' Implementation of Its Substance Abuse Treatment and Education Services
October 23 Status of Costs Identified and Reimbursed for the State Legalization Impact Assistance Grants
October 30 The Department of Toxic Substances Control Has Not Taken Sufficient Action to Bill and Recover Hazardous Waste Cleanup Costs from Responsible Parties
November 27 A Review of the California State University's Disabled Student Services
December 19 A review of the Usefulness of Domestic Disclosure Spreadsheets to the Franchise Tax Board