Auditor General Reports Issued in 1990

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 4 The Administration of the State's Domestic Violence Diversion Program Could Be Improved
January 22 A Review of the Vehicle Maintenance Programs and the Availability of Two-Way Radios at Two State Correctional Institutions
January 24 A Review of the Oakland Unified School District's Financial Position
January 24 Because of Poor Management Controls, the Oakland Unified School District Is Not Adequately Protecting Its Assets
January 31 Audit of the California Network System (CALNET) Acquisition
February 5 The Department of Motor Vehicles Did Not Comply with All the State Procurement Requirements
February 12 A Review of the California Authority of Racing Fairs' Procurement of Goods and Services for Simulcasting
February 12 Letter Report on Results of our Audit of the California Exposition and State Fair for Fiscal Year 1988-89
February 21 State of California Financial Report Year Ended June 30, 1989
March 7 The Department of General Services Needs to Improve Its Management of State Leases and Real Estate
March 14 A Review of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development's Procedures for Ensuring that Health Facilities Meet Seismic Safety Standards
March 28 A Financial Review of the City of Imperial Beach
March 28 A Review of the State's Controls Over Its Financial Operations
April 4 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Sixth Quarterly Monitoring Report
April 5 A Review of Personnel Practices at the Military Department: Some Practices for State Active Duty Employees Need Improvement
April 6 A Review of the Department of Food and Agriculture's Management of Its Milk Marketing Program
April 12 Child Support Enforcement: Counties Are Not Properly Calculating or Restricting Their Excess Revenue
April 25 The California Museum of Science and Industry Needs to Modify Its Agreement with Its Foundation and Improve Management Controls
April 30 Improvements Are Needed in the State's Program to Provide Assistance to Homeless Families
May 3 A Comparison of the State Board of Equalization's Appraisals of the Cellular Telephone Industry's Taxable Property with the Appraisals of Similar Industries' Taxable Property
May 14 Letter Report on Analysis of Response to Report P-939 by the California Museum Foundation of Los Angeles
May 16 Letter Report on Review of Expenditure Data Reported by the County Offices of Education for Their Juvenile Court and Community School Programs
May 31 A Review of the State's Administration of the State Legalization Impact Assistance Grants
June 1 State of California: Statement of Securities Accountability of the State Treasurer's Office June 30, 1989
June 20 Letter Report on Allegations of Irregularities in the Los Angeles Community College District's Management of Construction Projects
June 27 A Review of the Purchasing Practices and Conflict of Interest Policies in the Selection of School Textbooks
June 28 Letter Report on Review of the Department of Transportation's Cost Estimates for the Regional Measure One Projects
July 5 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Seventh and Final Quarterly Monitoring Report
July 5 Letter Report on Business Enterprise Program for the Blind
July 25 To Adequately Manage and Protect Its Assets, The Sweetwater Union High School District Needs to Improve Its Control Over Its Financial Operations
July 30 Auditing: A Key to Better Government
August 15 A Review of the Fish and Game Commission's Annual Pack Trip and the Potential Unauthorized Release of Confidential Information by Either the Commission or the Department of Fish and Game
August 16 A Study of the State's Office Space Facilities Planning Goals, Policies, and Recommendations
August 29 A Review of the Department of General Services' Statewide Property Inventory
October 15 Letter Report on Preliminary Review of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Plaza Project
November 14 A Review of the Contracting Operations of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
November 28 Review of the Fiscal and Operational Activities of the Antelope Valley Fair
December 12 Los Angeles County Needs to Improve Its Services to Foster Children and the State Needs to Improve Its Oversight of the County's Foster Care Program
December 19 A Review of Adherence to Standards of Fair Employment by 25 United States' Firms with Business Operations in Northern Ireland
December 19 City of Imperial Beach User Fee Study
December 20 A Review of Tax Increment Revenues Provided to School and Community College Districts from Redevelopment Project Areas
December 21 The Department of Parks and Recreation Can Improve Aspects of the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program