Auditor General Reports Issued in 1988

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 11 Letter Report on Review of the Expenses of the Members of the Board of Directors of Four Transit Organizations
January 21 A Review of the Budget Performance Measures of the California Public Utilities Commission and of Its Compliance with Statutes
February 1 Letter Report on the Department of Social Services' Regulation of Four Group Homes for Children in Santa Barbara
February 3 The State Department of Mental Health Does Not Ensure That Counties Collect Revenue from Insurers and Does Not Maintain Accurate Data on Sources of Payment for Clients
February 8 Letter Report on Review of Allegations Against the California Horse Racing Board
February 24 Public Reports of Auditor General Investigations Completed Between July 1, 1987 and December 31, 1987
March 8 The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District's Financial and Administrative Controls Need Improvement
March 15 A Review of the State Board of Control's Victims of Crime Program
March 21 State of California: Financial Report Year Ended June 30, 1987
March 23 The California Exposition and State Fair Has Continued to Improve Its Financial Condition and Management Controls But More Improvement Is Needed
March 24 California Student Aid Commission: State Guaranteed Loan Reserve Fund Financial Audit Report Years Ended June 30, 1986 and 1987
April 4 Letter Report on the Department of General Services' Procedures to Minimize the Trauma of Residents Transferred From Residential Facilities
April 6 A Review of the State's Contracts with Positive Incident Control, A Contractor for Hazardous Waste Cleanup
April 7 The Native American Heritage Commission Needs to Improve the Management of Its Statutory Responsibilities and Related Activities
April 11 Letter Report on Review of the Expenses of the Members of the Board of Directors of the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
May 4 A Review of the Department of Fish and Game's Private Lands Wildlife Management Area Program
May 25 An Analysis of the Conditions and Procedures Leading to the Proposed Closure of a High School in the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District
May 25 The City of Los Angeles' Compliance with a Federal Court Order to Upgrade Its Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant
June 13 Letter Report on the Department of Social Services' Compliance with Licensing and Regulation of Country Manor and Pomona Manor
June 20 Letter Report on the Department of Fish and Game's Compliance with Specific California Fish and Game Code Requirements
June 20 Letter Report on the Department of Social Services Assistance to the Victims of the Southern California Earthquakes
June 22 A Review of the State Bar of California's Processing of Complaints Against Attorneys Accused of Misusing Client Trust Funds
June 27 Letter Report on Estimated Total Costs the State Has Incurred Or Will Incur to Build Prisons
June 27 Letter Report on Review of Identification, Valuation, and Transfer of Assets and Resources of the San Bernardino County Lake Arrowhead Sanitation District
June 27 Letter Report on the Department of Social Services' Compliance with State Law and Department Procedures
June 29 A Review of Economic Activity in the State's Enterprise Zones and Employment and Economic Incentive Areas
July 1 State of California: Statement of Security Accountability of the State Treasurer's Office June 30, 1987
July 7 The Growth and Costs of California's Independent Study Programs
July 20 A Review of the San Juan Suburban Water District's Accounting Controls, Contracting Practices, and Expenditure of Bond Proceeds
August 1 California's Regional Centers for the Developmentally Disabled Need Better Financial Controls
August 24 California Can Improve Its Program to Fund Asbestos Abatement Projects in School Districts
August 25 California's Records on the Incidence of Child Abuse Are Incomplete and Inaccurate
August 29 Letter Report on the Department of Social Services Citation of Unproven Allegations and Deficiencies in Requiring the Removal of Two Administrators
September 21 A Review of California's Contracts for In-Home Supportive Services
October 5 The Office of Criminal Justice Planning Can Improve Its Process for Awarding Grants and Evaluating and Directing Grantee Performance
October 19 The Department of Health Services Did Not Comply with All Requirements for Awarding and Managing Consultant Contracts
November 9 The Office of State Registrar Promptly and Accurately Responds to Most Requests Regarding the State's Vital Records and Stores the Records Properly
November 28 Information on the Implementation of the Mentally Disordered Offender Program
November 28 The California Maritime Academy Complied with Recommendations of the Office of the Auditor General