Auditor General Reports Issued in 1985

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 3 The State's Diversion Programs Do Not Adequately Protect the Public from Health Professionals Who Suffer From Alcoholism or Drug Abuse
January 4 The State Lacks General Plans and Land Ownership Records for the State Park System and Does Not Collect All Lease Payments on Time
January 8 A Review of the State Department of Education's Actions to Implement Auditor General Recommendations Made Between 1980 and 1984
January 15 An Analysis of the State Teachers' Retirement System's Hiring and Compensation of Its Executive Officer
January 31 State of California Statement of Security Accountability of the State Treasurer, June 30, 1984
February 7 The State Could Expedite the Approval of Regulations
February 20 State of California Financial Report Year Ended June 30, 1984
March 6 A Review of Nursing Homes' Costs
March 13 California Can Reduce State and County Expenditures for Medical Services to Children
March 14 The State's Mental Health System Could be Operated More Cost Effectively and Could Better Meet the Needs of Clients
March 21 The Office of the State Architect Spent More Than Authorized for Some State Construction Projects
March 25 The State Committed $50 Million to Build the South Geysers Geothermal Power Plant Without Assuring That Sufficient Steam Was Available
March 29 Status of the Transition to the New Medi-Cal Fiscal Intermediary Contract
April 8 The State's Expenditures for Land Acquisitions and Grants in the Santa Monica Mountains
April 16 An Analysis of the Deficiency in the 1984-85 State School Fund
May 9 Some of the State's Licensed Residential Facilities for Children Are Not Safe
May 23 The State Has Had Problems in Planning and Designing the San Diego Prison
May 29 The Agricultural Labor Relations Board's Administration of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act
June 3 Report on Audit of Health Facility Data Collection and Disclosure Systems
June 15 Letter Report on Audit of Funds Spent by the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee on Behalf of the California Museum of Science and Industry
June 24 Review of the State Board of Optometry's Enforcement Program
June 26 Review of Two Health Care Facilities in San Diego County
July 17 California's Automated Vehicle Registration System and Its Phone-Mail Appointment System Have Temporarily Inconvenienced Some Citizens
July 19 Letter Report on Review of California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board's Efforts to Automate Its Activities
July 19 State of California: State of Federal Land Payments October 1, 1983 through September 30, 1984
July 29 1984-85 Annual Report
August 13 State Department of Education: Surplus Property - Hardware Program Financial and Compliance Audit Report Years Ended June 30, 1983 and 1984
August 14 The State of California Could Better Protect Commercial Fishing Resources
August 20 The Department of Health Services' Involvement in the Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites
September 10 The State Is Incurring Unnecessary Costs Through Ineffective State Vehicle Management
September 12 The State Could Have More Effectively Managed the Sale and Repair of Surplus Residential Property
October 8 Status Report: The State Loan to the Alameda County Office of Education
October 24 The Public Utilities Commission Could Trim Additional Millions From Telephone Company Rate Increase Proposals
October 28 Letter Report on State Library Compliance with State Laws and Regulations
November 7 A Review of the Public Utilities Commission's Regulation of Passenger Vehicle Operations
November 21 California Student Aid Commission: State Guaranteed Loan Reserve Fund Financial Audit Report Years Ended June 30, 1984 and 1985
November 27 The Department of Fish and Game Is Not Collecting All Revenues Owed to the State
December 2 Better Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs Can Improve Services to Veterans
December 13 Letter Report on Unemployment Compensation Disability Fund
December 30 The Board of Osteopathic Examiners Improperly Spent State Money to Support Its Legal Action Against Seating Two Public Members