Auditor General Reports Issued in 1974

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 16 Report on the Office of the Lieutenant Governor for the Fiscal Years Ended June 30, 1971-72 and 1972-73
January 23 Review of the Department of General Services' Unnecessary Accumulation of Additional Working Capital
January 28 Report on the State's Role in Foster Care in California
January 31 Review of State Tidelands Leases Executed by the State Lands Commission with Oil Companies and Public Utilities
February 1 Review of Certificated Employee Sick Leave Usage Patterns and Related Effects of Proposed Legislation on Selected School Districts
February 19 Review of the Department of Corrections' Use of a Special $600,000 Appropriation for Training of Correctional Officers
March 1 Division of Codes and Standards of the Department of Housing and Community Development Report on Review of Operations
March 18 California Crime Technological Research Foundation (CCTRF)
March 26 Analysis of Office of Data Processing Proposed for the Health and Welfare Agency
March 26 California Arts Commission
April 3 San Diego Transit Corporation Pension Plan
April 19 Department of Health: Prepaid Health Plans
May 6 California Work Experience Program (CWEP)
May 6 Critique of the Fiscal Justification for Year-Round Vehicle Registration
May 8 State Banking Department
May 9 Review of Funding for 1973-74 of Alcoholism Treatment Programs in California
May 14 State's Testing Procedures for Detecting the Reduction in Gasoline Octane Ratings
May 20 Review of Contract Performance for the Stephen P. Teale Consolidated Data Center
May 21 Review of the Contractual Relationships Between the Department of Water Resources and LFE, Inc.
May 23 Public Transit Operators' Pension Plans
June 7 Department of Housing and Community Development, Division of Research and Assistance
June 19 State Bar of California
June 20 An Evaluation of Accountability for Foster Care at the State Level
June 20 Procedures for Disbursement of School District Funds
June 28 Assembly Contingent Fund, Year Ended June 30, 1973 and the Nine-Month Period Ended March 31, 1974
July 10 Department of Health: Prepaid Health Plans
August 6 Department of General Services: Report on Review of State Office Space Leasing Versus Construction Practices
August 7 Department of Water Resources: Review of the Administration of the Construction Contract for the Castaic Dam
August 8 State Bar of California
August 14 Special Study of Contract Between Assembly Rules Committee and the National Institute of Applied Research
August 15 Report on State Telephone Credit Cards: Issuance and Use
August 20 Department of Parks and Recreation: Review of Concession Agreements for Property Acquired for but Not Being Used for Park Purposes
September 6 Report on Investment Policies of the Pooled Money Investment Board and Procedures of the State Treasurer
September 13 Preliminary Report on Wholesale and Retail Milk Pricing Structure as Administered by the Department of Food and Agriculture
October 3 Review of Operations of the Department of Corporations
October 4 Department of Health: California Occupational Safety and Health Plan
October 4 Report on School District Purchasing Procedures of Instructional Materials
October 11 Review of the Investment by the City of Los Angeles in the Los Angeles Harbor and Related Expenditures
October 18 Office of the State Controller: Review of Administration of the Unclaimed Property Law Relating to Banks
October 18 Report on Operations of the Office of the Secretary of State
October 29 Department of Parks and Recreation: Competitively Bid Concession Contracts Calendar Year 1973
October 29 Report on the Effect of the Department of Education's Reorganization and Matrix Management System on the Vocational Education Support Unit
November 13 Report on State Lands Commission Trespass Activities
December 2 State Board of Control: State-Owned Residences Occupied by State Employees
December 3 San Francisco Port Commission: Interim Report on Projected Cash Deficits
December 4 Review of Insurance Procurement Procedures: Insurance Office of the Department of General Services