Auditor General Reports Issued in 1973

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
February 2 Department of Social Welfare: Review of the Alleged 41% Rate of Welfare Fraud in the Aid of Families with Dependent Children Program, October 1 to December 31, 1971
February 7 Report on Southern California Rapid Transit District
February 14 Department of Social Welfare: Review of Old Age Security Responsible Relatives' Contributions Collected, February - December 1972
February 15 Report on Business and Services: Consolidated Data Center
February 27 Allocation of Highway Users' Taxes
March 21 Report on Sources, Uses, and Constraints on Funds Available to the Chancellor's Office or Allocated to California Community Colleges
March 29 Department of Social Welfare and Department of Human Resources Development: Review of the Ventura County Community Work Experience Program, July 1 to December 31, 1972
March 30 Department of Health Care Services: Review of Medi-Cal Management System
March 30 Report on Exclusive Food and Beverage Contract, California State Exposition and Fair
April 5 Review of Estimated 1972-73 Fiscal Year Reduction and Expenditures Through Proposed Closure of California Conservation Center at Susanville
April 10 Department of Corrections: Implementation of Security and Safety Recommendations and Chapter 1020/72 Expenditures
April 13 Assembly Contingent Fund, Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1972
April 18 California School for the Deaf, Riverside: Report on Operations
April 18 Report of EDP Model Contract
April 26 Review of Delays in Personnel Document Processing: Department of Public Health
May 2 Report on Department of Public Health: Estimated Cost of Moving
May 4 Report on Long-Term Contracts, California State Exposition and Fair
May 9 Report on Contracts, Agreements and State Costs for the Governor's Tax Reduction Task Force
May 10 Department of Corrections: Purchase of Personal Security Systems
May 22 Department of Insurance: Field Examination Procedures
June 4 Report of Department of Consumer Affairs Division of Investigation
June 4 Report on California Oil Production and Fuel Consumption
June 5 Review of Reported Expenditures of the Associated Students of California State Universities
July 10 Report on Pre-Delinquency Programs Funded By California Council on Criminal Justice
July 23 Report on California State Exposition and Fair
July 26 Department of Parks and Recreation: Concession Contracts, Calendar Year 1972
August 2 State Highway Expenditures by County for the Ten-Year Period Ended June 30, 1973
August 6 Report on Foster Care in California
August 9 Assignment of Students: San Diego Unified School District
August 9 Assignment of Students: Santa Ana Unified School District
August 10 Preliminary Report of Review of Prepaid Health Care Plans for Medi-Cal Recipients
August 14 Report on Costs and Collections Under California's Responsible Relatives Law
August 22 Report on Review of Wine Advisory Board and Wine Institute
September 18 Assignment of Students: Berkeley Unified School District
September 18 Assignment of Students: Ventura Unified School District
September 19 Assignment of Students: San Francisco Unified School District
September 19 Report on Crude Oil Production and Gasoline Distribution
September 21 California Commission on Aging: Report on Review of Operations
September 27 California State University, Long Beach Society for the Advancement of Business Research and Education
October 23 Report on Charity Racing Days Distributing Agents (Charitable Foundations)
October 25 Review of Senate Subcommittee on Communications
October 31 California Legislature Training Program for Newly-Elected Legislators: Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970, Grant No. 73CA02, State Plan 17, November 15, 1972 to May 15, 1973
November 8 Proposed Financing of $6.8 Billion Project: Southern California Rapid Transit District
November 15 Summary of Audit Reports Issued on Financial Aid Programs at the California State University and Colleges
November 23 Department of Veterans Affairs: Disability Insurance Program
November 27 Veterans Farm and Home Loan Fund of 1943: Review of Operations
December 5 Report on State Crude Oil Royalties
December 11 California Commission on Aging: Report on Review of Operations
December 11 Electronic Data Processing Equipment and Services Procurement Procedures for the Stephen P. Teale Consolidated Data Center
December 19 Report on Earnings of California Court Reporters