Exam Announcement - Principal Auditor (JC78/4094)

SALARY RANGE: $10,033 - $12,385


WHO SHOULD APPLY: Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications as stated below may apply for this examination. Once you have taken the examination, you may not reapply for nine (9) months.

EXAMINATION INFORMATION: This examination will consist of a Supplemental Application only. The information on the Supplemental Application will be assessed competitively based on each candidate's relevant training and experience. The Supplemental Application will be evaluated by pre-established rating criteria. Candidates who do not complete or submit the Supplemental Application by the due date will be disqualified. In order to obtain a position on the eligible list, a minimum score of 70% must be attained.

Supplemental Application -- Weighted 100%

ELIGIBILITY LIST INFORMATION: An open, merged eligible list will be established by the California State Auditor (state auditor). The names of successful competitors will be merged onto the eligible list in order of final score regardless of test date. Eligibility expires 12 months after it is established. Competitors must then retake the Supplemental Application examination to re-establish eligibility.

FINAL FILING DATE: Continuous--The state auditor will accept applications on a continuous basis. Examinations will be administered periodically throughout the year.

HOW TO APPLY: Complete a state application (Std. 678). Applications without a signature will not be accepted. When completing the application include "to" and "from" dates (month/date/year), time base, civil service class titles and/or job titles from the private sector, relevant college or trade school education, certificates, licenses, etc., name(s) or educational institution(s) and completion dates. The examination title must be indicated on the application. Email the completed application to HR@auditor.ca.gov or mail it to:

California State Auditor's Office
Human Resources Office
621 Capitol Mall, Suite 1200
Sacramento, California 95814


SPECIAL TESTING ARRANGEMENTS: If you have a disability and need special testing arrangements, please answer "yes" to question #2 on the STD. 678. You will be contacted to make specific arrangements.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions concerning this examination or announcement, please contact the Human Resources Office at 916-445-0255.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMITTANCE TO THE EXAMINATION: All applicants must meet the education and experience requirements for this examination as of the date the application is submitted. Your signature on your application indicates that you read, understand, and possess the minimum qualifications required.

Minimum Qualifications

EDUCATION: Equivalent to graduation from college. (Registration as a senior student in a recognized institution will admit applicants to the examination, but they must produce evidence of graduation or its equivalent before they can be considered eligible for appointment.) and

Either I

EXPERIENCE: One month of experience in California state service performing duties at a level not less than a Senior Auditor Evaluator II.


EXPERIENCE: Broad and extensive (more than five years) professional auditing experience in government, commercial, or public auditing in accordance with "Government Auditing Standards" published by the Comptroller General of the United States, including at least two years of experience in the direction of a large, complex, independent, and comprehensive audit program. This experience must include experience with performance and financial or compliance audits. (Experience in the California state service applied toward this requirement must be performing the duties of a class at a level of responsibility equivalent to a Senior Auditor Evaluator III for a period of at least one year.)

The Position

This is the managerial and highest level in the series. Incumbents manage multiple audits with teams of two to six staff members. Incumbents, under general direction of a Deputy State Auditor, develop and interpret uniform policies, programs, and practices for the administration of the audit program and provide management advice to the Legislature and top-level administrative authorities within State departments. Incumbents also testify before legislative committees, and represent the State Auditor's Office at meetings of national, State, and professional organizations.

ADDITIONAL DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Possession of a valid certificate to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in California.


Knowledge of:

General accounting and auditing principles and procedures; principles and practices of organizational management including planning, organizing, accounting, auditing, and quantitative analysis methods; research and information-gathering techniques; basic principles and practices of descriptive and inferential statistics; functions, organization, and practices of California government, "Government Auditing Standards" as prescribed by the Comptroller General of the United States, and standards of the profession; principles and practices of employee supervision, development, and training; legislative committee organization, structure, functions, and procedures; formal and informal aspects of the legislative process; the operation and reporting of other State and Federal audit organizations; group leadership techniques; program planning, development, and evaluation; principles and practices of project management and coordination; and applications of organizational and management theory; supervision, planning, conducting, and directing large, complex performance audits and large and complex financial or compliance audits; the organization and practices of the Legislative and Executive Branches; principles, practices, and trends of public administration, organization, and management; techniques of organizing and motivating groups; program development and evaluation; methods of administrative problem solving; personnel management techniques and practices of supervision and staff development and training techniques; the managerís role in the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program; and the processes available to meet EEO employment objectives.

Ability to:

Apply the required knowledge; review and analyze State and Federal laws, regulations, and program data; review and analyze accounting records; learn and apply "Government Auditing Standards" prescribed by the Comptroller General of the United States and standards of the auditing profession; review management and other related controls over financial data; conduct effective interviews with auditee's staff at all levels; gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of those contacted; analyze, organize, and synthesize a variety of information into supported audit findings and logical recommendations; effectively incorporate use of microcomputers in performing audit and investigative tasks; prepare clear, complete, and concise reports; communicate effectively; clearly define audit objectives; develop approaches and methodologies to meet audit objectives; identify controversial or sensitive issues affecting the audit; assess staff performance and develop the skills and abilities of subordinate staff; work effectively with top-level managers of state agencies and other organizations; coordinate, prepare, review and edit written reports; establish; maintain project priorities; plan, organize, and direct the work of multidisciplinary professional staff engaged in a variety of complex audits; establish and administer uniform policies and procedures; develop cooperative working relationships with representatives of all levels of government, the public, and the Legislative and Executive Branches; analyze complex problems and recommend effective courses of action; effectively contribute to the California State Auditorís Office EEO objectives; effectively promote EEO in employment; and maintain a work environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Confidentiality And Security

19680. It is unlawful for any person: (a) Willfully by himself or in cooperation with another person to defeat, deceive, or obstruct any person with respect to his right of examination, application, or employment under this part or board rule. (b) Willfully and falsely to mark, grade, estimate, or report upon the examination or proper standing of any person examined or certified under this part or board rule, or to aid in so doing, or make any false representation concerning the same or the person examined. (c) Willfully to furnish to any person any special or secret information for the purpose of either improving or injuring the prospects or chances of any person examined, certified or to be examined or certified under this part or board rule.

19681. It is unlawful for any person: (a) To practice any deception or fraud with regard to his identity in connection with any examination, application, or request to be examined. (b) To obtain examination questions or other examination material except by specific authorization either before, during, or after an examination or use or purport to use any such examination questions or materials for the purpose of instructing or coaching or preparing candidates for examinations.

Additional Information

  • It is the competitor's responsibility to contact the California State Auditor's HR office, at 916-445-0255, if you do not receive examination information within 4 weeks of submitting your application.
  • This is an open examination. Career Credits do not apply.
  • Veterans' Preference: in accordance with Government Codes 18973.1 and 18973.5, Veterans' Preference will be awarded as follows: 1) Any veteran, widow or widower of a veteran, or spouse of a 100 percent disabled veteran, who achieves a passing score in an entrance examination, shall be ranked in the top rank of the resulting eligibility list. Any veteran who has been dishonorably discharged or released is not eligible for Veterans' Preference. An entrance examination is defined, under the law, as any open competitive examination. Veterans' Preference is not granted once a person achieves permanent civil service status. Veteran status is verified by the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). Directions to apply for Veterans' Preference are on the Veterans' Preference Application which is available at http://jobs.ca.gov/Job/VeteransInformation and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Applications (STD. 678) are available online at www.jobs.ca.gov.
  • If you meet the requirements stated on this bulletin, you may take this examination, which is competitive. Possession of the entrance requirement does not assure a place on the eligible list.
  • The California State Auditor reserves the right to revise the examination plan to better meet the needs of the office if the circumstances under which this examination was planned change. Such revision will be in accordance with civil service law and rules and all competitors will be notified.
  • Eligible Lists: Eligible lists established by competitive examination, regardless of date, must be used in the following order: (1) sub-divisional promotional, (2) departmental promotional, (3) multi-departmental promotional, (4) servicewide promotional, (5) departmental open, and (6) open. When there are two lists of the same kind, the older list must be used first. Eligible lists will expire in one to four years unless otherwise stated on this bulletin.
  • General Qualifications: Candidates must possess essential personal qualifications including integrity, initiative, dependability, good judgment, ability to work cooperatively with others, and a state of health consistent with the ability to perform the assigned duties of the class.
  • Prior to appointment, all employees of the California State Auditor are subject to a background check and fingerprinting.
  • Position(s) exist in Sacramento only.

The State of California is an equal opportunity employer to all, regardless of age, ancestry, color, disability (mental and physical), exercising the right to family care and medical leave, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, military or veteran status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religious creed, sex (includes pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and related medical conditions), and sexual orientation.