Someone has to make sure government is improving every day.

That's Us.


Commitment. Integrity. Leadership.

Californians turn to us because our reports create a catalyst for positive change. After months of hard work analyzing facts and data, you'll find the members of our teams at the Capitol briefing legislators, answering questions from the media, or at local school board or town hall meetings helping decision makers and the public understand their options for solving problems. People trust what we say because our reports are unbiased and originate from an objective evaluation of the evidence we collect. Untangling problems and getting to the truth takes grit. Figuring out how to solve complex problems takes creativity. And achieving our mission takes teamwork and a desire for constant improvement. That's who we are.

"We ensure government provides high-quality, efficient, and equitable access to services for all Californians. Our work results in innovative recommendations to solve complex problems."

Michael Tilden, CPA
Acting California State Auditor

Blurred California State capitol building at dusk

Influence Positive Change.

When decision makers act on our recommendations, real change happens. Because of the work we've done, the Legislature has made changes to state law that resulted in children having improved access to preventative health care, more California students being admitted to our public universities, and local government being better positioned to respond to disease outbreaks. We also provide government agencies with unbiased recommendations to help them better serve the public.

$4.9 Billion

The amount we estimate could be saved if the Legislature and government agencies implemented all of our recommendations from over the last eight years.

State Auditor staff members—one in breakroom, one in office

Be a Problem Solver.

The Legislature asks us to examine some of California's biggest challenges: homelessness, education, environmental concerns, and government waste. Our teams get to the heart of these issues by understanding the law, interviewing key players, analyzing data, and pouring over government documents. We become the experts. Once we understand the root cause of a problem, we pivot to developing creative and practical solutions.

"Even the work of a rookie can help improve California government. The Legislature passed a bill incorporating some of the recommendations I helped develop in my very first audit."

Nicole Madera
Performance/Policy Evaluator

Four State Auditor administrative staff members standing outside office building

Work With Passionate People.

The work we do is hard, but our teams of intelligent and driven people make coming to work each day fun and rewarding. We work collaboratively, building on each other's ideas and leveraging each person's unique experiences to strengthen our reports and recommendations. Achieving our mission takes teamwork and a desire for constant improvement. That's why we're also dedicated to helping each person grow professionally by offering high quality training and supporting individuals as they work toward professional certifications including the CPA.

"I've worked in the private sector, for non-profits, and in other government agencies, but I returned to the State Auditor's office because I get to work with intelligent, motivated people. The changes we've helped make through our reports are the most meaningful accomplishments of my professional life."

Jon Kline
Principal Performance/Policy Evaluator

Improving Californians' Lives Inspires Bonnie to Work Hard Every Day.

Bonnie enjoyed teaching literature and writing at UC Davis, but she was looking for a job that ignited her passion to make a difference. She joined our performance/policy evaluation team in 2018 and has worked on projects analyzing homelessness, higher education, immigration detention, and mental health. She also assembled the evidence that proved the California State University system did not fully disclose to Legislators and students $1.5 billion in reserves even as it raised tuition. Because of this report, CSU's reserves are now at the forefront of discussions about tuition increases. So on days when the job is hard, Bonnie pushes through because she knows her work will improve people's lives.

"Sharing knowledge and ideas is what I love to do. As a performance/policy evaluator, I get to do it for the purpose of making life better, and in the company of some of the smartest, most driven people I know."

Bonnie Roy
Performance/Policy Evaluator

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